Court action to expose a dirty secret

The legal action taken by the Stellenbosch Law Clinic against all the major role players in the credit industry will expose one of the biggest scandals that has been plaguing debt collection industry for many years.

Devious debt collectors taken to task

- Daily News, 13 Aug 2018

Belangrike hofsaak oor invordering van skuld

- Die Burger, 10 Aug 2018

Overcharging by creditors

- The Citizen, 13 Aug 2018

Person with impact: Monja Posthumus-Meyjes

- Matieland

Debt collectors taken to task

- Cape Argus

Banke betrek by saak oor skuldinvordering

- Beeld

Landmark court case seeks to stop over-charging by creditors

- Moneyweb

Credit providers taken to court


Credit providers facing court showdown

- Cape Argus
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