Court action to expose a dirty secret

The legal action taken by the Stellenbosch Law Clinic against all the major role players in the credit industry will expose one of the biggest scandals that has been plaguing debt collection industry for many years.
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Law Clinic recognised as a leading African law firm

First Law Clinic shortlisted as specialist African law firm of the year at the 2018 African Legal Awards
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Regskliniek op kortlys vir groot prys

Die Universiteit Stellenbosch (US) se regskliniek is 'n finalis vir die 2018 Afrika-regspryse waar dit in die kategorie vir spesialis-regsfirma van die jaar sal meeding.
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Tampon Tax: You Magazine

The cost of female hygiene products keeps many girls out of school - now activists are calling on the government to scrap tax on these items to ease the problem
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Please take notice that a class action will be instituted in the Western Cape Division of the High Court of South Africa against the companies and individuals listed below:

  1. Lifestyle Direct Group International (Pty) Ltd
  2. Capital Lifestyle Solutions (Pty) Ltd t/a Lifestyle Legal
  3. Loan Tracker SA (Pty) Ltd
  4. Loan Spotter SA (Pty) Ltd
  5. Loan Match SA (Pty) Ltd
  6. Loan Choice SA (Pty) Ltd
  7. Loan Quest SA (Pty) Ltd
  8. Loan Connector SA (Pty) Ltd
  9. Loan Hub SA (Pty) Ltd
  10. Loan Zone SA (Pty) Ltd
  11. Loan Locator SA (Pty) Ltd
  12. Loan Scout SA (Pty) Ltd
  13. Loan Tracer SA (Pty) Ltd
  14. Loan Detector SA (Pty) Ltd
  15. Lifestyle Legal (Pty) Ltd
  16. Lifestyle Attorneys (Pty) Ltd
  17. All Wheel Auto (Pty) Ltd
  18. Damian Malander
  19. Nandie Paich

Please take notice further that the class action will be brought on behalf of the following class:

“All persons who have had any monies debited from their bank accounts and/or who have been harassed and threatened in connection with any demand for or collection of payment by any of the respondents at any time from 20 May 2015 to date on the basis of them having concluded purported agreements with any of the respondents through any of the websites listed below:

Should you wish not to be a member of the class you may opt out of the class by notifying the class action attorneys of record, the Stellenbosch University Law Clinic, of your choice to so opt out by no later than Monday 30 October 2023.

The Stellenbosch University Law Clinic can be contacted at:

18 – 24 Crozier Street
Telephone: (021) 808 3600

Electronic copies of the Court’s order certifying the class action and the particulars of claim therein shall be available on the Stellenbosch University Law Clinic’s webpage –

You may contact the Stellenbosch University Law Clinic through the details provided above should you wish to obtain more information about the class action.