Update: SU Law Clinic / Lifestyle Legal
We are pleased to confirm that the matter has now been allocated to a judge, who has requested additional time to peruse the voluminous court bundle. The judge has directed that the case be heard on 16 and 17 February 2021. The application for the interventions from LegalWise and PASA will be heard along with the certification application. Further reports will follow.
As a reminder: LegalWise South Africa has filed an intervention application to be joined as applicants in the pending certification application. According to papers filed at court, LegalWise has received "numerous complaints from its members describing the same harassment and threats and consequences as described by the applicants in the main application". In addition, PASA (the Payment Association of South Africa) has applied to intervene as amicus curiae (friend of the court) to assist the court in the matter. In its papers, PASA explains that the respondent websites, companies and directors have been exited from the National Payment System after due diligence investigations. The respondents are opposing both the LegalWise and PASA applications.
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