More than 50 LLB students have recently registered for the Clinic’s Clinical Legal Education module, Practical Legal Training 471, which is presented as a final year elective to students of the Faculty of Law. The module aims to equip final year law students with the necessary skills, knowledge and techniques to prepare them for legal practice. The module’s pedagogy is designed to allow students to learn by doing as they are involved in the community service activities of the Clinic, while working alongside the Clinic’s professional staff. The course material is presented in the form of handouts and interactive lectures based on a discussion of practical and relevant examples from practice.  This is normally followed with exercises, assignments and other forms of class participation. Students also receive training in file administration, consultation- and negotiation skills, drafting technique, advocacy and other disciplines during their service learning at the Law Clinic. Although a theoretical background to the topics discussed in this module is of crucial importance, the aim is to enable the student to gain practical experience which would stand him/her in good stead in his/her future career as legal practitioner. 

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