Dr Theo Broodryk presents at seminar hosted by the CCLE

On Friday, 9 February 2018, the Law Clinic’s Manager, Dr Theo Broodryk, presented at the Competition Law Seminar hosted by the Centre for Competition Law & Economics at the Faculty of Law, Stellenbosch University.  Dr Broodryk’s talk was titled ‘The South African Class Action Mechanism: A State of Flux’.
Dr Broodryk provided a brief overview of the current status of the South African class action mechanism as a platform for discussing the feasibility of using the mechanism for private enforcement of competition law. The discussion primarily concerned whether the nature of the damages action arising from contraventions of the Competition Act should be classified as delictual or statutory and whether it is preferable for our superior courts to be involved in follow-on damages litigation in terms of the Competition Act.
Mr Thala Msutu, a Candidate Attorney in the Competition Law Department of Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs Inc., performed the role of discussant.
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