The Law Clinic Mission and Vision


1.1  Vision

The Law Clinic’s vision is:

  • a community that is legally empowered and that possesses a strengthened capacity to exercise their rights, either as individuals or as members of the community;
  • law graduates who are professionally trained and are at the highest echelons insofar as their employability is concerned; and
  • a broader South African community that is sensitised to their social justice responsibilities.

1.2  Mission

To bring our vision into reality the Law Clinic, through collaboration initiatives or otherwise, provides professional legal advice and representation in civil matters to members of the community who qualify for legal aid in Stellenbosch and surrounding areas and we offer legal education, including clinical legal education, to candidate attorneys, final-year law students and to members of the community, including the poor and marginalised.

1.3  Core values

The Law Clinic expects each employee to uphold the organisation’s core values in its dealings with clients, colleagues and other stakeholders:

  • Diligence and passion

Conviction, diligence and passion are expected and are essential employee characteristics that the Law Clinic expects in order to achieve its objectives.

  • Transparency, honesty and integrity

The Law Clinic’s reputation is largely dependent upon its employees conducting themselves with integrity and in an honest and transparent manner. It constitutes the fundamental cornerstone upon which the Law Clinic operates, without which no relationship of value and trust can exist.

  • Respect

The Law Clinic respects, values and encourages differences among all people where such differences are embraced within the workplace to promote and achieve the Law Clinic’s objectives.

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