About Us

The Law Clinic’s key objectives are as follows:
  1. To inform and empower qualifying persons through fair and equal access to quality and cost-effective legal services and support
  2. To inform and empower the appropriate persons through the dissemination and provision of relevant, quality legal information and training
  3. To enable the professional and personal development of candidate attorneys and other Law Clinic staff, through mentoring, training, supervision and exposure to the practice of law
  4. To provide education, including clinical legal education, to law students through teaching and exposure to the practice of law (in cooperation with the Stellenbosch University Law Faculty)
  5. To promote strong governance and management structures
  6. To sustain the Law Clinic's existence and its ability to offer relevant, cost-effective services

Through the fulfilment of these objectives, the Law Clinic contributes towards the University’s overarching strategic imperatives by ensuring that it, firstly, remains committed to the broadening of access by being responsive to the needs of its beneficiaries, particularly those in vulnerable communities; by increasing and accelerating the diversity profile of Law Clinic staff through proactive recruitment; developing and retaining Law Clinic staff members from the designated groups; and creating an inclusive Law Clinic culture and climate that embraces diversity and the values of the University; secondly, delivers work of an excellent standard in every facet of its operation by implementing appropriate accountability mechanisms and reporting structures within the organisation; and lastly, strives to achieve maximum societal impact within its sphere of influence by responsibly and thoughtfully conducting operational and strategic processes; reviewing progress regularly; and being responsive to the ever-changing context in which it operates.

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